Garmin Vivofit

It has been 2 weeks since I started using my Garmin Vivofit – so my first thoughts.


I like

  • I don’t need it take it out of my wrist at all. It doesn’t need charging and it is water-proof, so you wear and can forget it exists.
  • It is light weight and comfortable, I don’t have any issue sleeping with it (even though I would prefer one device to do both my run-cycle-swim tracking and my activity / sleep tracking, I am not sure that would be comfortable to sleep with).
  • I have a love-hate relationship with the red bar. On a weekday, I love that it reminds me every hour to get out of my desk for a 2 min walk. It just helps to not let those knees lock-up and get blood flowing to the glutes and the quads before sitting to stare at the computer for the next hour. Even with this constant reminder, I barely do 6500 steps on a working day.
    On the weekend, I go for a run or walk the dog, do household tasks – clean, cook, grocery shopping etc. and I walk almost 30k steps between the 2 days, but the red bar is up there a lot more. After doing that 10k run, I would stretch, cool down, take a shower etc. and sit down to eat and there will be the red bar asking “what have you do for me in the last hour” – and that is when I stare and curse and go back to taking care of my hunger and then reluctantly walk lounge – kitchen – bedroom and back a couple of times (with the dog on my tail wondering what is mommy up to, sometimes the husband too!) to get that dreaded bar to disappear.
  • I can now wear just the Vivofit with my HRM and track calories for my spin class and the gym work – no more guestimate. And for my run, I can use my Forerunner and my Vivofit at the same time and Garmin knows to sync between the two and count only once.

Things I don’t mind but some may

  • There is no activity tracker that gives you the number of steps walked with precision – the device is trying to determine if each movement of your hand is a step or not – and sometimes it is right and many a time, it counts my showers, driving etc. as steps. So as long as you know, when it displays 7000, the actual steps is somewhere between 6500 – 7500, that is fine. (Doing jumps in the spin class does mess up the count a lot more!)
  • There is no back light and there is no vibration – these two features, if available will take away the ability to wear the tracker 24/7 and will become like most of the other devices which need charging every week. So I don’t mind that I have to switch on my side lamp to switch on sleep mode before I fall asleep. And I use my phone alarms and Sleep Cycle to wake me up.

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