Injuries and the need to build strength

It has been 24 days since my last run.

Pre-Nov, this year, there was only one week in June when I did not run at all. I completed my highest ever monthly mileage at 120 km in October and began Nov with an ambitious 30k. It was very slow, a bit painful, I wanted to give up and cry, but I ran / walked / crawled through the distance. I was super happy when I finished this run. My right leg was in a lot of pain that day post run and I had decided to give it a couple of days rest but by Thursday (4 days post run) I started to panic – my shin / tibia has still not recovered after 24 days.

30Km run - Richmond Park

30 km run at Richmond Park on 1 Nov 2015 – slow and painful but super happy me when I finished this run… have been injured since.

I had a pretty good first 5 months of the year where I improved my 5k and 10k time consistently and increased my long runs and did 2 HMs. The second half has been on another pole with mental slack, laziness, illness and injuries.

My running has been pretty inconsistent since the Edinburgh Half Marathon at the end of May and through the summer – it was close to zilch except for a short spike for 2 weeks in July. No strength training and no spinning too – I was just lazy, enjoying the summer, basking in the glory of the first half of the year and did I say, just being lazy. A pretty bad run on 6 Sep in the Kew Gardens 10k (where my dad and Ranj did so well) – a day after we were back from a 10 day double holiday – jolted me up and I started my autumn training. I wanted a sub-2 hour HM before the end of the year and also wanted to increase my weekly mileages – in preparation for the Brighton Marathon in April 2016 and possibly a beginner ultra, sometime in 2016, may be Dec 2015 (yeah, I am only a tiny bit ambitious like that). And this is what I did:

2015 weekly run mileage

All good. Except I was still not doing much strength training and not going to the spin classes for cross training. Unlike a lot of runners / people I know, I have been sitting on my ass for the last decade and more without any exercise – until I started the couch to 5k and started running in early 2014. So all the muscles in my body get used to laziness and weakness quite easily. Glutes, calf, quad, hamstring, core – you name them, they are all weak. And that increased mileage, while nothing for most human beings, took a toll on my body. In hindsight, yes, the twinge has been there for at least a month before that 30k run – I just put ice and continued running assuming it would get better. And it got worse. I haven’t run for 24 days and I can still feel the twinge even when I walk. The pain became much worse when I ran 10 steps (literally just moved fast from kitchen to bedroom) – one day last week, playing ball with the boy. I took me 2 hours of rest and ice pack to recover!

One of the most frustrating things in the last few weeks has been that I am doing nothing other than rest and still the pain hasn’t gotten better at all. I want to be doing something more for recovery but I don’t know how to expedite the health care system in this country. I wanted to get back on my feet as soon as possible and hence opted to use work provided health insurance (with Aviva who have referred my case to HCML) to see a physio. She suspects a stress fracture and hence after 19 days of admin (after first contact with insurance), an MRI scan has been done yesterday. Frustratingly, I don’t know how many more days of admin before they see the results and can start my rehab procedure :(.

Not running has been vexatious for my mental state. My productivity levels are worse than ever. More time on my hands (and legs) have not resulted in getting anything else done other than spending it in front of the TV. Work has been distressing too. I am trying to keep my head occupied, trying

My ambitious head plans races before my legs can cope. My head is strong enough that I can convince myself to go out and train. But the body is still not strong enough to take the training. I need to build strength (Repeating it to myself, I need to build strength). I will focus on this for recovery and beyond. It is going to take a while but I know the consequences of not doing this now.

As usual, lots of plans for 2016 – a lot of changes required in training… I need to recover and get through 2015… but if I could get one more run before the end of the year, I would be the most jubilant person ever!

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